Friday, March 11, 2011

Symposium 2011

I regret to inform you all that there will be no symposium in 2011. Due to a variety of reasons, but primarily financial, the roundtable leadership has decided to cancel the event. It might resume some other year, or maybe it never will, I just don't know.

I do know that I had a great time helping to put on the events. Some years I was more involved than others but despite the hard work it was a great time. I got to meet and talk with many amazing people including some historians whose work I really admire. Made some friendships along the way and generally learned a lot.

In the meantime the roundtable plans to bring in one speaker a year. We went this route in the years before the symposium and that success is what prompted us to dream a little bigger. Maybe the one speaker a year format will expand into two, or maybe it will expand back into the symposium again.

And 2011 was going to be a good year, no need to go into details on who was going to come but I was really excited about the panel. We were going to follow the 150th as best we could and 2011 was going to be an early Eastern Theater focus. Oh well


Anonymous said...

What sort of cost is involved in putting on the symposium? How much money would be needed?

Nick said...

In a perfect world the symposium would break even, or make money, so there would be no dollar cost. The money lost is not the real cost here though it is the time needed to do the event. Several times membership was prompted to help or it would die out and no one stepped forward. Maybe there would be enough support to do it every other year. If you want to help out please let me know and maybe we can get some fresh blood running the event and get it running again on some sort of schedule.